Wealth – Elegance – Excellence

Antoine d’Imblecourt
& his royal vineyard

The delicate wines from Côtes de Nuit d’Antoine d’Imblecourt charm connoisseurs
by their exceptional terroir and fruitiness of the highest quality.

The Antoine d’Imblecourt winery owes its reputation to its wines coming from the most prestigious Burgundy côte (hillside) where its Grands Crus intertwine with an extraordinary tale.

Our Prestige

Antoine d’Imblecourt could have just been a simple wine grower, inheriting magnificent plots of vines. Coming from an opportunistic generation, his focus was especially directed towards business and the goal of growing the estate.

As well as his privileged location overlooking the Côte de Nuits, Antoine d’Imblecourt is a visionary and knows people appreciate wine and that it becomes a symbol of wealth and power. He turned his attention then onto the bourgeoisie and conquered all of Europe’s high society thanks to the fascination of Burgundy wines.

Talented elaboration

As the owner of such an exceptional vineyard, where human values can be found in its Grands Vins de Bourgogne, the Antoine d’Imblecourt winery strives to maintain and perpetuate this incomparable quality in each of its bottles.

The cultivation of the vines are adapted to each local climate, earth and exposure to sun so that its grape varieties of Roi, Pinot noir and Chardonnay can express themselves in the most distinguished way possible.


The Antoine d’Imblecourt winery ensures that its prestigious wines are represented in the most beautiful way possible as they uphold the reputation of the estate just as much as that of Burgundy.

Loyal to the Grands Vins de Bourgogne and thanks to the quality of the Côtes de Nuits vines, the wines from Antoine d’Imblecourt are helped along in the process fairly and without trickery, as their aromas are already present and well refined.

Located right by their vines, the estate has high performing equipment able to mature the wines and reveal all the subtle details which make up such a prestigious beverage.
It’s in this way that the Antoine d’Imblecourt winery aims to convey its rich wine flavors.

Our “Sublime” Bottles

To taste a wine signed and sealed from Antoine d’Imblecourt is like being invited to slowly discover every subtlety and the opera of hidden flavors, reminiscent of the best symphonies.

The winery manages the maturing process through daily contemplation of its wines and vines, of their colors and flavors, to obtain legendary vintages.

The owl present on the Antoine Imblecourt bottles is a symbol of the Burgundy dukes and nobility and gives a revelatory nod of excellence.